Do you ever get into the shower and suddenly you have all these great ideas? The shower seems to be my creativity's favourite place.

Have recently been feeling the need to shoot some things in the studio just for fun and for myself and the team. An opportunity to play. Luckily one of the most beautiful people in the world was available and thus this creative project was born. Ever since I met the drop-dead-gorgeous Adeola Ariyo through Spree years ago I've been obsessed with her! She's one of the kindest people I came across and also happens to be flawless.

This is part one of a four-part series, inspired by pink and Pinterest. For this specific shoot, I wanted to capture a softer portrait. I put a piece of sheer stockings over the lens and put some vaseline around the edges of the stocking. This gives the images softer edges. I also made the shutter speed quite low to introduce some motion blur. She looks like art, right?

Thank you to Precious Malate / Beauty by Precious for the makeup, Martin Bothma for retouching and Adeola for serving the looks!