Hello :)

I'm a visual storyteller and doodling, filming and photography make me light up with joy (also making playlists, I think I missed my calling as a DJ). I love capturing beautiful images that tell a story. After studying journalism (undergrad in Joburg, post-grad at Stellenbosch) and living in Bloemfontein in the Free State for a year, I moved to Cape Town, where I worked at the e-commerce fashion retailer Spree, followed by the TV production company that produces shows like Top Billing, Expresso, Pasella and Afternoon Express. Next I worked at Cape Town Tourism where it was my day job to market and explore one of the coolest cities in the world. I started freelancing full-time in 2018 and I'm happiest with a camera or ice cream (or both) in hand.

My friends describe me as friendly, warm and quirky. I love meeting new people and I'd love to meet you and create magical images together.

Some facts about me

I love hiking, swimming & spending time outdoors

Give me a mountain and an ocean and I'm all over it! I even love swimming in the freezing waters of Cape Town until my lips are blue. I can never get tired of climbing the mountains and at a stage my mom and I climbed Lion's Head weekly (those were the days!).

I took photos of my sister's wedding on my phone

She semi-eloped (to Robben Island on Valentine's Day for the annual mass wedding) and I wasn't a professional photographer just yet. Everyone on Instagram loved it! It was in 2014. They looked great and we all have a printed and framed pic at home.

My obsessions include art, coffee & the colour pink

I'm addicted to coffee, hot chocolate, chai lattes, rooibos tea - basically any warm beverage. I also love art and the colour pink. I'm convinced it's my natural hair colour. I love doodling and sketching and I have plenty of scrapbooks and journals.

I'm Probably wearing an oversized hat right now

I'm pretty much always wearing a hat when I'm outside. The irony of me colouring my hair and then covering it with a hat is not lost on me ;) Obsessed with sun protection as well as accessories and a hat serves both. Also a good SPF never goes out of style.




“Had the best time shooting with Estee! She was super sweet and personable and made me feel comfortable behind the camera! I can’t wait to shoot with her again! ❤️”

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